• March 23, 2024
  • Dave Green
  • 4min read

An office furniture solution that will save space and money

Offer the best and reap the rewards in financial, space and health benefits

As an employer, educator or landlord, you may be considering a change to your furniture arrangement. This could be due to reasons ranging from expansion or modernisation, or staff health, retention and attraction. You want to be seen as a market leader in offering a workspace that is not only a healthy and comfortable environment, but also excels in forward-thinking and innovation. While having your staff or leaner’s best interests at your core, giving them a real sense of being valued.



With its unique 90° footprint we have created a workstation that fits into a remarkable number of spaces in a variety of ways. When compared to mainstream rectangular desking UNIO will save space by up to 27%. Fit more people in. Give existing staff more space. Don’t move to a new office. Create hybrid environments for return-to-workers, neighbourhoods, collaboration zones. Flexibility and options will be far greater. Space matters, and whether you feel you have too much or too little, it relates to your bottom line. See our Homepage and download the Revit family object for use in your projects, or share with your clients, designers and colleagues.


Everybody has to appreciate that everything has an associated cost in changing your current office, or moving office. If you are changing premises, then you need to find the most efficient footprint for your furniture arrangement to maximise your space and ultimately productivity. Instead of finding larger office spaces, make more use of your current space, invest in UNIO and save money on increased rent. Rent really is the issue here. Let’s take a look at the typical city centre monthly rates around the UK, shown as £p/ft². Using these eye-watering figures, it becomes more significant to business owners that they don’t have to upsize their office in order to increase the workforce. Here we feel Unio can offer a return on investment in a matter of months.

We have created a ‘Payback Calculator’ for you to use with your financial and HR departments, please download it with the link below. Personalise it, add actual figures of the business and see for yourself. Use data from your total area (ft² or m²), employees, wage bill, absenteeism, productivity, and see how can acheive a relatively quick ROI.

Payback Calculator 0324.xlsx


Bupa’s recent white paper looks at 2022’s 185 million lost working days in the UK, and it is worth a few minutes of your time. Over 19 million of these (>10%) are caused by Musculoskeletal disorders (MSD). If you can create a healthier environment and allow staff or learners a more comfortable workstation, you will see a positive effect on a % of people returning to work, increasing your productivity, increasing their wellbeing, increasing profits, reducing sick pay, even further ROI, and the cycle continues.

The report goes on to discuss, “attracting and retaining talent”, with 60% of people considering your range of benefits, these now include flexible working and mental health support. 39% of people now seek flexi-time from their employer. If you can create a hybrid-working zone along with carefully planned attendance, you can reduce your floor space requirements. By using UNIO in these zones, you can create a unique, spacious, modern and healthy workstation for both permanent of flexi-time staff, without the need for row-upon-row of the status quo of boring, unhealthy, space consuming rectangular desks.


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