• July 28, 2022
  • Dave Green
  • 8min read

Selecting an office space for your business is no easy feat.

Selecting an office space for your business is no easy feat. You need to be realistic about the size of your company, what you can afford and the amount of space you need. An office that is too big can be a waste for a company that can’t fill the area and isn’t as cost-efficient as smaller premises would be. You’d be better suited in opting for a cleverly designed smaller space, as it’s cheaper in the long run, and structured to be functional.

If you’re currently occupying premises that you don’t believe are structured and maximised to the best ability, here are some handy tips for making the most of small office spaces. It’s worth checking these out before you consider the expense of upgrading to a different building.


Maximise Usage of Wall Space

Wall space is all too often left unoccupied in a business environment, which is a shame as office storage solutions like shelves or cupboards high up on the wall reduce clutter around the floor, providing more space for employee movement. Wall hooks are great to hold jackets, removing the bulk of a coat around a desk, and cork boards can display paperwork that would otherwise need to be filed away in a chunky unit.

A full refurbishment of your office space, geared toward wall storage solutions, can entirely rejuvenate your premises. Removing cabinets from the floor gives more room for desks and employee movement. Transferring supplies into white painted high cupboards and matching shelves keeps the room looking stylish but functional. Bright colours, like white, open up space, whereas dark paint dulls mood and sucks away natural light.


Be Smart with Furniture

To conserve space, you want to make sure that your desks are a perfect size. Employees may require roomier workstations to make notes, but most work is fulfilled on a laptop, so desks needn’t be massive. If you can see plenty of space on all the desks in your premises, they’re likely bigger than necessary. Switch these out for smaller desks, and you’ll be surprised to see the room will appear bigger, while employees will have more space to move.

Matching designs of workstation spaced out in a refurbished office give an organised appearance to your environment. The structure is just as important as the space in a small office, so walls that interrupt or disfigure the flow of your room and the organisation of your desks are better off removed. The structure provides a feeling of organisation, and employees will find it easier to concentrate when surroundings are free of clutter.


Go Paperless

Going paperless is the best step you can take to maximise space in your office. You’ll need to spend less money on stationery supplies, filing cabinets and the time of administrative employees if your records are electronic. Filing cabinets particularly pose a problem to small business premises as they take up a great deal of space, and additional space still when you need to open the drawers. Invest in an efficient, secure electronic database for all your records and customer details and remove the need for bulky storage solutions on your premises.

Make the most of new space from removed filing cabinets by investing in an office refurbishment. There’s no better time, especially while fewer employees are present on the premises due to the working from home initiative! A new office fit out from the Posture Team guarantees that your employee posture is well supported at your workstations with ergonomic furniture, which is crucial in a less physical electronic and paperless environment.


Ergonomic office furniture means that employees aren’t going to develop cramp and aches that they need to stretch out around your already unspacious office. To discuss your requirements with a professional or to enquire about refurbishing a small office space, please don’t hesitate to contact us.

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