• July 28, 2022
  • Michael White
  • 13min read

How A Modular Office Design Can Get You Ahead

Are you looking to improve your employee’s productivity levels and get ahead of your competitors? Perhaps your current office design just isn’t working for you at the moment and you’re in need of a refresh. A modular office design and fit out could be just what you are looking to incorporate into your business to give it the next stepping stone that it may need. 

When it comes to an old school office design, we were so used to seeing rows and rows of desks all facing the same way and often partitions between stations to create a separation. It’s been somewhat refreshing to see more and more businesses move to more modular office design to allow for different employees preferences within an office environment.


Open & Closed Office Spaces

If we look at office design on a broad spectrum, there are two ends visible, open and closed. Closed office spaces are what we often have seen in large companies who may focus on sales and cold calling or have many different teams within the company. Whether they are situated in different rooms, floors or are partitioned by glass screening their main focus is to keep employees separate as to focus on their task at hand. 

On the opposite end, we see open offices which are often seen in collaborative types of businesses such as marketing or digital agencies. They tend to have no partitions but rather large open space with larger groups of desks gathered together so that employees can discuss their work. A big part of office designs like this is that they allow for individuals to be able to access other teams easily and when needed.


Employee Differences in the Office

But have you ever considered the differences in your employees and how these two very different, polar opposite office designs can affect them? With mental wellbeing having such an impact in the modern workplace, it’s an important factor to consider when designing your office space.

Consider the differences in your current and potential employees. Some may be really confident when it comes to work, enjoying listening to the radio and collaborating with other members often. Whereas someone else may be quite the opposite, preferring to get their work done in a quieter space and mostly alone. You must be able to adapt the space to suit your workers or you could risk losing a quality member of staff if they don’t feel comfortable.


A Modular Approach

This is where a modular office design can come in as it allows you to create the best of both worlds. It allows you to have a highly-adaptable workplace that can work for a whole range of employees. This is where office fit out comes into consideration as the design aspect of it plays a big role in just how functional space can be and it can work for a whole range of companies.

A modular office fit out includes a diverse approach to workspaces. From solo stations tucked away for those that need moments on their own to large collaborative social spaces where individuals can get together to work as a team. It encompasses the best of both open and closed office designs and combines them into one, allowing different seating situations to suit all employees, regardless of their working style. By creating an environment where your employees feel comfortable working in, they are more likely to become more productive in their work.




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